Thursday, February 24, 2005

Best "I'm Full of Surprises"

So, you read Steady Mobbin' a lot and think it has taught you everything there is to know about everything I do every day of the week. But here's something I haven't told you yet: for like a month now, Emily has been organizing these large dinner outings--and I've been to almost all of them. Anyway, tonight we ate pizza at Lombardi's and then crossed the street to Rice to Riches, the outer space rice pudding emporium that is also a front to a massive gambling ring. Photographable? Very.

As you can see, there are many different rice puddings to choose from at Rice to Riches.
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"Man, Kelly" says Jeff "There are so many puddings to choose from here!"
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Mala and Rachel had banana and rocky road rice pudding, I think. (That would be two flavors sharing a single a bowl, Rice to Riches has many things, but one of them isn't "Banana Rocky Road Rice Pudding")
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Emily knew what she was doing and got warm french toast rice pudding with oatmeal crumble and cherries. Whoah.
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If you're reading this and you're living in New York, don't forget to go to Kurt and Mike's party. Details? Down two posts.

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The Ineffable Pangolin said...

I can't believe I wasn't invited! I mean, ME! The billionaire socialite and gad-about-town! Oh...wait...