Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Best New Manhattan Dream Home

I just realized that I never blogged about my former dream at 13 Leroy. Oh well, my former dream home was at 13 Leroy. But now my tastes have matured and my dreams have grown up and moved uptown and I've decided that 53 East 65th Street is the townhouse for me. Careful study of the too-small floorplans will reveal many impressive details, like the master bath (featuring a fireplace, of course) accessed by a private staircase from the master bedroom. And there's a great-glass elevator. And big beautiful windows. And while the home itself costs $12,500,000, you'll also be paying nearly $40,000 a month in property taxes. Wow. Wealth sure costs a lot of money.

Also I'm just getting really sick of the pre-fab blogger template I've been using for Steady Mobbin'. Had I the design skills and the time, I'd craft something much less generic to look at.

And The title of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." A fellow named Stellan Skarsgaard will be playing 'Bootstraps' Bill Turner . . . you know, Will Turner's dad, left for dead at the bottom of the ocean by the crew of the Black Pearl previous to the events of the first film. When I found this out I was quite pleased, as I've been known for cornering people over the last year and a half to tell them all about my idea on how Will Turner's dad probably survived his watery fate and would be showing up in the sequel. If I haven't shared my whole theory (it's rather drawn out), have me corner you the next time we run into each other. Also, Chow Yun-Fat will be in it too, but that's not much of a surprise, because we all remember how much Disney loves Asian pirates from Swiss Family Robinson.

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