Thursday, February 10, 2005

Best Bad News

The internet is abuzz today with rumors/facts about the fate of Arrested Development -- production has definitely been scaled back on the program (from 24 episodes this season to 18), but some (David Cross) seem to be saying it's dead. This is bad news, right? But on the bright side, I've been watching Arrested Development lately and wondering where it could be heading, what it would be about next season and the season after that . . . I mean, George Bluth has gone from being in jail to hiding in Mexico to hiding in the model home's attic, what next? And while I like the continuity of their being a second episode about the Date Auction, are we to expect this every year? If Arrested Development gets/has gotten the axe here at the end of its second season, perhaps it'll give its writers the opportunity to wrap up the series as if it were one big long story. In fact, Arrested Development has always sort of reminded me of a Mexican soap opera, and Mexican soap operas are actually all just big, long miniseries. Mexico doesn't have a "As the World Turns" that's been going for decades, even their most popular series are all constructed with a beginning and end in mind--whether it span a few months or a few years. I know, I know, how thoroughly foreign a notion for American TV tastes to have to handle, but at least (and it's a lousy at least to be suggesting) Arrested Development may be leaving us long before it wears out its welcome . . . I mean, where's Buster supposed to go after the army? Wouldn't we all like to just keep him running around his mother's apartment, trying to catch a bird?

Oddly enough, this week's Onion AV Club features a very interesting interview with Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz that I haven't read all the way through yet. . . but I have gotten to the part of the interview where he admits that the Arrested Development writers don't have any long term plans for the series and are just making it up as they go along, so I stick to my suggestion they wrap it up like a Mexican soap opera.

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