Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How About a Little Weekend Wrap-up?

Does that sound okay?

Friday In the late afternoon I discovered I was torn between celebrating Ramadan in the East Village or going to see the Faint at Webster Hall. When a Faint ticket fell into my lap, the Faint won out. Sorry, Ramadan. But anyway, in the late afternoon I looked for jeans at Barney's (wait. what in the world did I just share with the entire world?) Then I ate dinner at Zocalo, the Mexican restaurant in the Grand Central Food Court. And you know what? It was among the least disgusting Mexican dinners I've ever had in New York. I'm not kidding. Either I was really starving, or those were some 1/2 decent tamales.

Next, the Faint. They were performing as part of the CMJ Music Marathon, a lot of other Saddle Creek bands played before them, but I only caught the Good Life. They weren't so bad. If I were to write a real review of the Faint's show, this is how it would start:

There's nothing wrong with you if you've never heard of the Faint, but had you been to their show Friday night at Webster Hall, you'd swear they were the biggest rock band on the planet.

Seriously. The audience acted like it was the Rolling Stones on stage and the Faint gave it right back. Big, loud sound benefiting greatly from Webster Hall's dance-party soundsystem (so. much. bass.) Video projections synchronized with every song (that would've been the highlight of the show for me were I still in High School.) Each song they played was distinct and memorable and the crowd freaked out over every number as if the band was playing their latest #1 single. I'm sorry I ever doubted them. I'll see the Faint again.

Then, outside, we noticed it had become cold. I drank an Old Brooklyn Root Beer and a Speedo Water (so Speedo makes water now?). The guy at the store carded me for the root beer. Seriously. We wound up on St. Marks because there were visitors amongst us and I rode home on the bus alone, thinking about hungry, eyeless zombies in cowboy outfits.

Saturday I feel Saturday was a complete waste. I woke up early and worked all day long on school stuff and not school stuff, too. I was busy all day getting things done and I completely wasted an opportunity to sit around all day. It wasn't until 10'ish, when I went to see Dr. Strangelove at the Film Forum, that I finally put my Saturday to good use. It was wild watching that movie and realizing that there were people in the audience who had never seen it before to whom all the jokes were new and surprising. Also, outside the theater I saw my third Bentley Continental Coupe. It was silver and it was a sight to behold and some stupid kid was driving it.

Sunday For dinner I made chipotle chicken salad with nappa cabbage and other vegetables for Laura and Patricia, because it was about time I had them over. I should've used more peppers, though. And it's impossible to find real tortillas in my neighborhood, everyone just sells enormous flour tortillas made with sun dried tomatoes or whatever. Stupid West Villagers.

UPDATE Forgot to mention this. When the Youngs came over they took pictures of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Remember the good pictures from Sunday night?

Bryant said...

I'm sure the Faint was good, but celebrating the start of Ramadan was awesome (and highly educational).