Sunday, October 24, 2004

Best Weekend of Too Much Content

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Old Roommate Andrew came out to New York for the weekend. Too much adventuring ensued. As I have lots of law to attend to this week, proper blogging could be a long time coming. But here are a few photos from the Dictatorial Costume Party to indicate where we'll be headed. (What's a Dictatorial Costume Party? A costume party where you're told what to wear. And since I was throwin the party, I was dictating the costumes. Stern, yet fair. Look out for Dictatorial Costume Parties to replace 80s Proms as the hot theme party for 2005)

First off, the Dictator, the Super Villain (Soup-er Villain), and the 1950's Housewife.

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Now, here's Jason valiantly defending his choice to be a yellow Ninja Turtle. Notice scoundrel-ly lurking in background.

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Punky Brewster and Jem:

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Snow White and the Tennis Pro:

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Events that Need to Be Accounted For: Peep, Prada, French Toast, Washington Heights Harvest Festival, Cloisters, Burger Joint, Successful Spinning Restaurant Fiasco, and Fake Mustaches. Lots and lots of Fake Mustaches.

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Anonymous said...

emily cox here:
love the dictator them party. i'll start a west coast extension

um.. my name ring is tooooo bling to photograph. here's the same thing w/ someone else's name in gold instead of silver.