Thursday, October 21, 2004

Best Evidence that I'm About to Fandango

As if I needed a reason to be any more excited to see The Incredibles as soon as it opens (Nov. 5, yo.), it's now official: the
first trailer for Episode III will be attached to it
, just as I had hoped it would be. (Rewind three years to 2001: I'm in San Francisco with Andrew and Andrea, heavily insinuating we should go see the just-opened Monsters, Inc. because the Attack of the Clones trailer is playing with it.) So, how soon can I pre-order my tickets?

And no, I don't belong to Hyperspace and I won't be watching the trailer on my computer the night before. If I'm super strong, I won't watch it on TV either, I'll try (so hard) to hold out for the big screen.

Be advised that before the Incredibles comes out I'll be posting a treatise on the main reason to be excited for the Incredibles: its ties with the creator of the best animated movie there is, the Iron Giant.

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