Friday, October 08, 2004

Best Application of Long Available Technology

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Just so that you know:

1) I've finally installed a site meter. I should've had one of those for a long time. My suspicions have been confirmed: I visit Steady Mobbin' more than anyone else in the entire universe. But it's neat to see where people are visiting from (no, I can't see if YOU are looking at me, but I get these lists of weird computer addresses that include what time zone I'm being accessed from.) There's officially a prize for the first person to access this site from outside of the 4 "normal" time zones.

2) I'm on MSN Messenger again. I used to IM a good bit many months ago, then quit. I think I'm ready to get back into it again. (This is probably because I've finally set up my internet connection for school and can chat when lectures grow uninteresting . . . not that that ever happens at NYU.) There was a reason I decided to use the MSN messenger instead of AOL, but I can't remember it. My name or whatever is "briggie" (no kidding) at the "@hotmail" dot com. Emailing me at hotmail would probably be the most ineffective way for anyone to try to get in touch with me ever. Try one of my 7 other email addresses instead.

3) Does that ice creature have anything to do with any of this? No. But I wanted this post to be pretty.

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Anonymous said...

is the prize retroactive? I checked in a couple times when I was in England!!! And if you dont' give it to me then I'll get my sister to log on and then I'll just get in anyway...