Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Best Near Avoidance of Celebrity

I narrowly evaded running into Uma Thurman yet again on my way to and from work tonight as she was filming (still) her movie Prime (this would be my 3rd Prime run in) across the street at the B Bar. I was feeling pretty cocky, thinking I had pulled a fast one on her (and famous people in general) except Kanye West nearly ran into me as he dashed across Broadway to go into Atrium just as it was closing. It was a timely encounter with Mr. West, because I'm finally tired of listening to the College Dropout. You had a good run, College Dropout.

Update I stole this picture from a site that stole it from a site who probably stole it from another site. It'll serve to answer the question some readers have asked me, "Who's Kanye West?" and for those that know who he is, it'll serve for a chuckle.

Image Hosted by

(Kanye would be on the one on the right, smarty.)

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