Thursday, October 07, 2004

Best Example of Prime Real Estate

First of all, there is nothing "best" about this post. I just feel like posting and my Amazon shipment hasn't come yet. So this is the best I've got.

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Walking home from work the other night I observed this odd arrangement: two giant cranes mounted with lights shining into an apartment at 43 Fifth Avenue. It only took the tiniest bit of investigation to discover that a movie called "Prime" was being filmed there (How tiny was the investigation? In New York you have to post signs with the name of your production when you're filming. Yeah, that tricky.) I suppose they were filming the dramatic scene where an apartment is really brightly lit, almost if by the sun? Whoah.

This post isn't completely irrelevant for two reasons:

1) It's worth noting that Julia Roberts lives/lived in 43 Fifth Avenue, he apartment is currently up for sale there. You can see the posting here. How do I know this is really her apartment? Just trust me, okay. I read the Real Estate sections of like four papers here obsessively. Also, this same building was where Hugh Grant's bad art dealer character lived in the Woody Allen film "Small Time Crooks." And if that isn't an obscure bit of film information, then nothing is.

2) Uma Thurman is in Prime, and was leaving filming scenes for Prime when I saw her in the East Village a few weeks ago. Apparently Uma is playing a role originally written for Sandra Bullock and I ask you, what sort of movie (it sounds like Prime is a romantic comedy, or at least a romance . . . perhaps just a comedy) could star either Uma Thurman or Sandra Bullock?

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