Monday, May 13, 2013

Best This Is What We Did in California When Collin Wasn't Getting Married, pt. 2

Friday evening Jeff and I picked up Jeff from the temple. He'd been dropped off there by his Indiana family. It was Jeff's birthday.

After a long lap around the temple property (and an encounter with this tranquil place's vicious guard dogs) we hit the road without an exact plan of what to do.

Good old old logo.

We wound up at Pink's. I had The Lord of the Rings dog.  That's a hot dog with onion rings and barbecue sauce on it.

Late Saturday night I met up with my old high school buddy Lucas after the reception.  Hadn't seen him since Christmas 2005. He took me to the Bellevue Steakhouse for tacos. I took him to Von's for grocery shopping.  I'll spend the rest of my life regretting not taking pictures at the Bellevue Steakhouse, but I was too deep inside taco heaven to do anything.

Sunday. El Cinco de Mayo. A dream came true. I had friends over to Grandma's for tacos. Tacos after the manner of an old school down home taco night. 

Apr├Ęs tacos: backyard games!

Myself, Sarah, Grace, Leslie.

Lauren, Jeff, Noelle.

I got to know young Grace and young Milton a little better.  My excellent friends have ensured their excellence will continue with this new generation of excellent humans.

Milton got to know the hippo.

And Keith and Leslie got to know the powder room.

(Last three photos were lifted off Keith and Leslie's Intagrams)

Grandma's driveway looked like Fast and the Furious 7.

Okay.  One more California post left.  It's going to have Grandma in it!


Katharine said...

The forbidden green bathroom!

claire said...

This looks like the best party of great people ever. So many generations of wonderful peeps.