Monday, May 06, 2013

Best Gathering Here This Day

I ran off to LA for the weekend, but let's skip Thursday night and Friday and start with the real good stuff from Saturday.

The Setting:

The Hero:

Supporting Cast:

Some Sticks:

So, yeah.  I was there to see Collin and Mallory get married.  It was a lovely ceremony.  There were tons of people getting married that Saturday morning, it was a bit of a wait before our bride and groom made their first appearance.

Jeff, myself, and Jared honored the occasion with a patriotic display of Chuck Butler socks.

Unlocking the gates for the unleashing of the brides and grooms.

First up: the Purple family, and then the Seafoam family.

And then the Mapps!

Bombed by the groom.  No one saw that coming! (photo from Carol)

Before Saturday I'd never met another Mapp, now I can finally and happily say I've met them all.  To Collin's right, there's his mom and above her his dad.  Heroes of legend whose hands I've now shaken.

A behind the scenes parting shot.  But just a momentary parting.

Unexpected Excellence: We ran off to Super Taco for a quick bite.

Super Taco Torta de Tinga, I've missed you

And Super Taco tacos, it's good to see you again.

Between the wedding and the reception (which I'll post in my next entry), a friends and family luncheon at a nearby park.

In the same park that day: A dog agility contest.  Crates and crates of dogs set beside owners under canopies, a lot of shop talk and lingo while master and companion give the tunnels a run, the hurdles a jump, the posts a weave.

When a bunch of fellows in suits show up at the dog show it draws a bit of attention.  And a lot of cheerful explanation.  We probably could have spent the whole day watching, but we had a union to go celebrate.

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