Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Best I Am Pretty Happy With My Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day weekend: Pretty low key, but full of good stuff.

For starters, Cousin Danny and my Cousin-in-Law Cassie were in town for the weekend. 

We got lunch at the Brindle Room in the East Village. This picture doesn't do a good job of showing it off, but their burger belongs at the top of your NYC Burger Must List. Fatty and fancy, a perfect combination. 

Walking through the East Village, 80s/90s vintage shop Mr. Throwback was taking delivery of a Bsck to the Future'd out Delorean.

Danny: Making friends every where he goes!

Now my Memorial Day bad news: Roommate Derrin moved out.

The only good side to this change: I've got a couch now!

Spent the on and off rainy afternoon with Pearl and Briana in Williamsburg.

Where I nearly got a rug.

Best dude I've seen in ages. Making a custom T for a trip to Luger's. That's pretty gangster.

Overlap makes it look like Boar's Head is the party meat.

Today's Soup is: Absolutely No Fun At All

Went to this bar called the Commodore to try their Hot Chicken sandwich.

I commend the crunchiness, but its level of Hot was well under what I was hoping for. Something between a Prince's mild and medium. 

The ladies wanted to try Fette Sau. No arguing with that.

Sunday lunch. 

Headed to deep Slope (or Crown Heights or something?) for an Arrested Development Season 4 viewing party. A+ decorations and treats. Made it through four episodes.  They sort of made me dizzy.  I'm not sure if it was funny or just an impossibly clever Mobius strip.  There were two really funny parts involving a duck, though.

Monday! Started the day with a little recon to confirm that Shake Shack was making their Memorial Day corn dogs again this year. 

I swore here.  But it was five years ago.

Then I went and saw that movie Epic, or "2Fast2Forest" as I've been calling it. I found it to be a pretty fun fantasy adventure. This snail has nothing to do with it, but was in the theater. 

Came across New York's very small (one building) New Orleans District.

Then I went back to the Shake Shack to meet up with Chaunte and Jeff. The beautiful day brought out a classic gigantic SS line. Here's my attempt at taking a iPhone panorama photo of it. 


A Shack Stack, too! 

There's this, like, rope sculpture in the park.

Highly photographable.

Then we ventured to Brooklyn 

And attended a fine backyard cookout. 

Expecting a photo of another burger or something? Nope! Kale salad! 

Then walked to the J through patriotic Brooklyn.

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