Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best This Is What We Did in California When Collin Wasn't Getting Married, pt. 1: Thursday to Friday Afternoon

Two Thursdays ago it was time to go to California for Collin's wedding. I flew EWR to LAX via Virgin American.

A Jersey Mike's Sub and my Thursday night comedies. What more could I need?

Ahh, LAX. I met up with Jeff there who had flown in a little earlier from BNA and Collin picked us up. 

A short discussion ended with us deciding to go to Del Taco for dinner. Might not strike you as the place you would have chosen, but I'd argue that there aren't many places on earth offering a more competitive cost:deliciousness ratio than Del Taco.

In the car I boasted I was so hungry that I was going to spend $25 on my dinner...I followed my heart and ordered like jazz and still only spent $8.

You know how some homes have a sign hanging that says "Love is Spoken Here"?

It seems Jeff has a new photo-face.

But this is his honest advice-giving face.

Pasadena Freeway tunnels. Held my breath well into the Avenues.

Upon arriving at Grandma's house we invented a new game: You run in the dark all the way to the back wall of Grandma's backyard and back. It's a scary and exciting bravery challenge. 

You know what you NEVER see in New York? Slugs!

The next morning we had Iron Man plans, but I suggested we visit San Marino's Lacy Park before our 9:45 show.  The freshly watered early morning greenness did us good.

Relax! It's Friday.

Carol, having flown in from DC, met up with us in Alhambra for the movie.

After the show we went shoe shopping for Collin on Alhambra's Main Street. Because that was something Collin needed to do on the day before his wedding: Get shoes to wear to the wedding.

I wonder if my Great Grandparents knew Ben Prober.  Probably.  That's my guess: that they probably knew him.

Despues: Lunch at Mom's Tamales (this would be a photo taken from Mom's doorstep).

Bless this place, its sopes and Collin for taking me there in 2011.

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sarah said...

I must learn to refrain from reading your blog around lunch time. It makes my taste buds beg for something delicious.