Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Best Lawn Party Wedding Party

So Saturday afternoon we headed up to Santa Clarita for Collin and Mallory's reception. I'd never been to Santa Clarita. That's the thing about California, there's always something on the other side of the next mountain and always some freeway you've never heard of running somewhere. The reception was on the beautiful front lawn of a beautiful home. I'm not sure what the connection between the wedding party and the home owners was. Maybe there wasn't one? I do think they had permission to be there, though. 

A major decoration element: balloons. 

Jeff surprised Collin with a rare collection of Tolkien tales.

Collin drew the cake-toppers.

And each table was decorated with a different drawing Collin had given to Mallory during their courtship.

There was this beautiful cat investigating the operation the whole time. But not just beautiful. Curious and rascally, too. 

There was a very subtle and tasteful Star Wars sub theme running through the whole wedding, being May the Fourth and all. 

In the backyard (accessed only if invited for wedding photos) there was an amazing (to me, who is never around pools) rocky pool with a slide and hot tub behind a waterfall and everything. 

As the party went on less photos were taken because I was partying. And because it got dark. But let me tell you it was just happy and idyllic, friends meeting under trees or on picnic blankets, smiling and laughing and celebrating.

(That is a knife, not a carrot, that Mallory is holding)

Among the revelers: Carol and Lauren.

The Peterson family.

Jeff and Noelle.

The first dance: Wigwam by Bob Dylan.  I had the extreme honor of being in charge of the music at the party, but mostly I played songs Collin and Mallory had suggested.  And wouldn't you know it, their suggestions were huge hits!

Collin dancing with his mom

While Jared makes sure the bride is not left unaccompanied on the dance floor.

At this point the photos stop.  Because I was busy and it got dark.  But a lot more fun stuff happened, including the happy accident of Mallory and Collin leaving the party to "You Shook Me All Night Long" instead of the Star Wars march we had planned on.  Turns out it was the best exit song you could imagine.

Arriving at the very end of the evening: Tony Stark.

Post-reception, me and my peoples convened at the In N Out to ponder what we had seen that day.

And I used my birthday In n Out gift card to get a Neapolitan shake.  From now on, it's only Neapolitans for me at In n Out.


Broek said...

Jared looks like he is about to solve the case in the 2nd to last shot.

savoury toothed tiger said...

It took two weeks but I finally solved the case! Photos in an upcoming nyc steady mobbing to show the results.

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