Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best My LA Trip Ended With Art

This is how the LA trip ended. It went with Grandma to the LACMA. To see its world famous Stanley Kubrick exhibit.  Here is a little production model of the War Room from Dr. Strangelove.

Here are some of his lenses.

Here are two pictures from his photographer days that I liked:

Various 2001 props and models:

You know what I've actually never seen the Shining.  But I think I get the general idea.

We saw other art, too.

Voltaire.  I don't usually like posting two pictures of the same thing but, come on!

To the Contemporary Building . . .

Gigantic red elevator.

There's this amazing construct there called Metropolis 2. I've got 9 years to come back on a weekend and see it in operation.

Back at Grandma's, two pieces from the Taylor collection were on display.

We went to dinner at Taylor's (no relation) Steak House with Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob.

And here are Grandma's Mother's Day Flowers, from the Barnes Family.

And that's my whole Los Angeles trip! (Not pictured: Uneventful trip to Burbank Airport and flight home to New York)

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