Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Thanksgiving Time Field Trip

While my family was in town we did not just confine ourselves to Manhattan and Brooklyn.  No.  On Friday we rented a minivan (I got to drive!) and headed up to Terrytown and environs.

But first, a little Manhattan . . .

I took the family to Dominque Ansel for breakfast.  I expected it to be enjoyed, but it turned out to be a monster hit.

Then we headed to the Meatpacking District and walked the Highline.

Hess.  Who do you think you're foolin?

And THEN we picked up our van and went to Sunnyside to see Washington Irving's house.

They said No Pictures inside the house, but what about pictures taken from the doorstep of people inside the house, huh?

It wasn't really built in 1656.  Irving wanted it to seem like it had been there forever.

THEN we went to the old Sleepy Hollow graveyard to see Washington Irving's grave.

It's quite difficult to find out or figure out which bridge it was that the Headless Horseman threw his pumpkin at.

On our way to our next stop we came across this little unassuming chapel with Chagal and Matisse windows.  Who knew?!  $5 to go inside and see them, no pictures.  Obvs.

And our next stop?  Exploring the grounds at Stone Barns Farm, home of Blue Hill Stone Barns, where we'd be eating that night.

Nearly everything they serve comes from their farm.  We looked at vegetables and vegetables and vegetables.

And then we looked at animals!  That's a sheepdog.  Don't worry!  They don't serve sheepdog.  But they do serve lamb.


Big pig!

I saw this sign and I was like, "There's MORE pigs?!"

Then I saw this sign and I was like, "Don't tell ME where I can bring my pet" and I taught it a lesson.

Piglet chow time!

Piglets chowing!

Family, probably another 3 hours before we get to chow ourselves.

We found where the geese hang out.  Question: Has anyone ever actually eaten goose?  Duck, sure.  Goose?  Only in Dickens.

Visited where the restaurant is.  Was quite lively.  So many people enjoying a day at the Stone Barns.

Will I keep posting about Thanksgiving?  Will I post about my second dinner at Blue Hill?  Who knows?  You have to keep coming back here to find out!

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