Thursday, December 06, 2012

Best Destination Burger

Having been served a "carrot steak" during my Thanksgiving weekend, I found my body in dire need of proper proteins last week.  Fortunately for me brother-in-law Cory was in town to help me with a week-long, multi-restaurant re-meating of my diet, culminating with burgers at Peter Luger's.

The piddling question put forward by many an internet food commentator: "Luger's might make a great steak, but can they cook a burger?"

My answer: "For crying out loud, of course they can."  Ground from the trimmings of the same magnificent and might steaks served at the restaurant, the Peter Luger burger isn't just what a burger should be, it's what food should be.  Served simply with just a slice of raw onion (fries, bacon and cheese are all add-ons, add-ons I was really happy with), after one eating I consider this burger a king among meals, a one of the best things you can feed yourself in this city.

I mean, look at this.  Have you ever seen anything like that?  The taste-memory still lingers on my buds.  Order it medium rare and you'll be in heaven.

And just because you're getting burgers doesn't mean you won't get the full Luger's treatment, breadbasket and steak sauce and all.

It's a tremendously photographable meal.

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