Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Best Friday Nght

Friday night I went with Chaunte to see TNGHT in Williamsburg.  When we got there set times were listed on the door.  TNGHT was going on at 1.  Sheesh.  Time to kill some time.  Consider this picture from the show a glimpse of the future that I put here to make this post more eye-catching from the start.

Time got killed all over the place, but one place it got killed was at the "new" Whythe Hotel.  We knew there was a popular rooftop bar at the establishment.  In the lobby there was a lady bouncer.  We walked up to her and said, sheepishly, "Uhhhh . . . we've never been here before?" and she sent us over to wait for an elevator.  A gaggle of would-be partiers walked up after us, their spokesman said, "We're here for a friend's party." Lady bouncer asked "What party?" He answered "Errrr . . . not sure of the name, do you have any parties on the list?"

Dudes.  That's not how you get let up to the popular rooftop bar!  The trick is to say you've never been there before and to act like you're not sure you want to go up.

Great view up there, though.  Worth wanting to get up there for, it turns out.  Watching all the Brooklyn rooftop partiers, though, I had to wonder out loud if they had mothers and what time they were going home.  (Them.  Not their moms.)

Eventually it was close enough to 1 to go back to the Music Hall.  TNGHT, a . . . what to call them, pair of DJs, I guess?  "Hip Hop Production Duo", maybe?  Dance artists . . . errr, not so much.  Instrumental hip hop artists?  I don't know.  Listen.  I like them.  I've told you this before.  And seeing them live was a chance to hear them play very, very loud.

Now, it's a fact that just because you like something or go somewhere, this does not make you cool.  You're kidding yourself to think you're cooler than other people for where you go, not who you are . . . this is a thing that I know, and with that said, this is what kept repeating in my mind for most of the show: "I am so cool right now.  I am so cool right now."  Because this show was a party!  I was in a small venue with a bunch of people who'd been listening to TNGHT's one EP over and over just like me and we were all digging it.  People were throwing their hands in the air!  People were throwing their hands in the air like they just did not care!

Videos offered as proof that no one cared how much they threw their hands in the air:


"Higher Ground"

Oh, and here's something else that I know doesn't make me any cooler but there's something to it.  Uhm, Kanye west was at the show?  You know you're doing okay, musically, if the world's second biggest hip hop artist comes to your show.  Late in the set TNGHT played a remix of Theraflu and Kanye ran onto stage to dance along to his own song for a bit.  That's how I knew Kanye was at the show.  But I didn't realize who he was until I caught his profile leaving the stage.

After the show, walking to the subway, there was this car that was just starting to burn up.

Oh, Brooklyn!

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Chaunté Vaughn said...

Thanks for taking me Brig! It was so fun!