Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Let's Finish Up With Thanksgiving

Blog post title=Blog post premise, so let's get moving.

Wednesday night, my family has arrived in New York.  They go straight from EWR to the UWS to check out the balloon inflating.  I don't arrive in time to get in, that's okay. I'll wait for them outside the fences.

While waiting for the family, this recently unemployed-fellow shows up, looking no worse for the wear.  With this kind of attitude, I think he's going to be okay.

Family assembled, we dash downtown for a late dinner at Parm.  It's tricky, but we're seated and we eat well.

Then Thursday, post-parade, a Thanksgiving dinner at Frankies in Brooklyn.  They provided us with quite the fine meal.

For starters, there's that great Grandaisy bread they serve.

Then we had the choice of Squash Soup or

Red Cabbage Salad with pomegranate, walnut, apple and bacon vinaigrette (my choice)

Also on the table?  Frankies' lovely shaved Brussels sprouts salad

Main course: Roast Turkey Breast with Confit Turkey Leg & Pretzel Dumbling Stuffing (that's the block in the front and it was awesome) along with spiced sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce. 

Time to dig in! (Notice meatballs in the foreground.  Because there needed to be meatballs)

Also to be found on the table: Ricotta Gnocchi 

Dessert?  Apple Strudel

Chocolate tort.  or tart?

There was also pumpkin pie and it was all great.

After dinner he had a laugh about the name "J-J-James"

Riding back to town, tummies full.

That night we headed up to Rockefeller Center for something . . . I'll tell you what soon . . . but there's the tree, getting decorated. 

And look at this Anthropologie window display.  A bunny on a beaver on a boar on a buck on a bear. I figured you out, Anthro!

Ok, here's why we were there: To see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!

My thoughts?  Just cuz something's corny doesn't mean it isn't good.  I can't believe they had real camels!  And I didn't care for the video game part.

After the show, a late night dinner for a few of us at Great NY Noodletown.  Had their famous salt baked shrimp for the first time.  Now I understand why I see them on every table.

Next morning, before heading upstate (just the tiniest bit) I had the "Perfect Egg Sandwich" at Dominique Ansel.  This thing is crazy, I ate it and still don't really understand it.

Look at this rock n roll pigeon.

One thing that happened while we were in Terrytown is that we were looking all over for a bathroom.  Even in the laundromat.

Okay, you tell me, which one of these homemade local business signs is weirder?

We went to the Old Dutch Church for a one man performance of a Christmas Carol.

This is the one man that performed the One Man Christmas Carol.  It was nice and old timey.

Before the show there was a guy that sang songs and played the guitar, he asked for requests, someone requested Feliz Navidad.  So we all sang Feliz Navidad in the old timey super old church.

And after that . . . Dinner at Blue Hill!  That's another post.  Surprise!  One more Thanksgiving post after all.

Saturday night, after working in the Rockaways all day, we went to Carnegie Hall to see Arlo Guthrie with Pete Seeger and the Guthrie Family Musicians.

And then . . . Pinkberry for some, Rice to Riches for others.

Sunday, after church, Go Go Curry.  Because it's so good.

And then I saw my dear family off at Penn Station.  

No comment.  Except "Ha"


English said...

Years from now, when speaking of the Barnes family it will be said, "They ate like kings."

Sally Morrison said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all.

Amber Henrie said...

Some good eating and entertaining - your family is lucky!