Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best Christmastime Art Visit

Up at the Park Avenue Armory there's this thing where artist Ann Hamilton has hung all these superlong swings from the superhigh ceilings.  As part of my New York Orphan Christmas, I went and checked it out Christmas Eve morning.

I'd never even been in the Park Avenue Armory.  It's plenty interesting all by itself.

Of course, stepping into the the giant main room with all the swings swinging and the big sheet swaying, along with these mysterious readers reading, it was enough to make me walk slow for a second and wonder what I was seeing.

I don't know how she got so high.  Probably got an underdog from a ten foot tall person or something.

Fellow orphan Pearl.

It's awful hard to take a picture while you yourself are swinging.  It's also awful hard to know if there's a two or three year old walking behind you while you swing so, please, Mothers, keep an eye on those kids.

OK, be honest (but agree with me): Doesn't this photo make you think I build the exhibit?  It makes ME think I built it and I know I didn't build it.

There was this, like, Harry Potter situation where these cloaked individuals read from these long, long scrolls.  It was being broadcast to radios inside paper bags on the floors.

Lots and lots of wires from the swings to the sheet in the middle of the room, there was some connection between its motion and our swinging.  

Stairs to where I don't think I was supposed to go.

All in all, quite the show.  I recommend a visit.  I believe it's open until January 6th.

Additional Reading: NY Times article all about the show.


Art Joy4Ever said...

Great shots, really like the composition, job well done!

Bek said...

you're a good photoblogger. xo

Francisco Santos said...

Really like the picture of the stairs.