Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best Gimjanging

From the comments to my first Kimchi post:

Preparing kimchi in November (to last through the winter) is called gimjang and is an important Korean tradition. Sort of like canning fruit in the summer used to be here. So you're starting your experiment at an auspicious time. -MJP

Remember when I put my kimchi in the fridge? After two weeks of getting funky, it was time to party!

Not much to look at, but the smell!  I could have eaten the whole experiment like it was a salad.

But instead, I experimented with the experiment.  First up?  Kimchi Stew with chicken and rice cakes.

Not a good picture in the least.  Flavorwise, I put in too much mirin and not enough ramen broth.  And I wish I had had roast pork around instead of buying a chicken.  Still, I liked.  The leftovers were even better.

Second Experiment: Bacon and Brussels Sprouts.

To be put on top of a healthy portion of pureed kimchi.

The result?  A bowl of super heaven.  I could not help myself, I ate the whole pound of sprouts on the spot.  Vegetables!

Experiment Three: Kimchi Fried Rice.  Because it seemed like just the job for my stinky cabbage.

Experiment Four: My second attempt at Mission Chinese's Thrice-cooked Bacon and Rice Cakes with a side of kimchi puree for stirring into it.

And Experiment Number Five: Kimchi Apple Salad with Bacon and Maple Labne.  First I plated it like they do at the Ssam Bar:

But this is how I really ate it:

Okay, actually this is how I really ate it.

The Stew, Brussels Sprouts, and Apple Salad (and Kimchi itself) all came from the Momofuku Cookbook.  The other two were improvisations.   My kimchi is nearly gone now and I can't imagine how horrible it would be to not have some of the puree on hand at all times, so looks like I'll be gimjanging again soon.

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MJP said...

Every one of these looks tasty. The kimchi looks just like I remember from Seoul 1976-77. Everything else is from a different universe.