Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Hey I Know Those Dudes . . . Kind Of

Couple of Saturdays ago I was walking home down Baxter and in the distance I could see something was going on on my block but couldn't quite make it out . . . as I got closer I could tell it was motorcycles and riders, numbering quite possibly in the hundreds.  A bit closer and I recognized their colors: It was an enormous gathering of the Blue Knights.  And I know who the Blue Knights are because my grade school friend JP?  Well his dad, Officer Palles, was a Blue Knight and they took a trip to Kentucky with the club.  And JP would draw their logo during class.

I was excited to see the Knights so I ran upstairs and got my camera and took a few pictures.  They looked good in color and they looked good in black and white, so I'm giving you them in black and white.

Among the Blue Knights?  Future Cops. apparently.

The problem with this picture is you can't tell they're all wearing fluorescent green shirts.

Based on impressions, this is what I like about the Blue Knights:
  • They seem like a family-oriented, family-friendly organization.
  • They seem very community minded, patriotic and responsible
  • They're all cops, so when they're around it feels extra safe.

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