Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Pre and Postshow

So, the week before last I took a long weekend trip to Los Angeles starting Wednesday night.  Since airplanes can no longer take off in the rain, and since planes no longer fly directly from New York to Los Angeles for less than ten thousand dollars, I wound up spending a night in Atlanta on my way to LA.

$50 gets you a decent little stay at the Country Inn Airport South Hotel.  I did not try this pool, but I wish I had been wearing my swimsuit when I walked by it.

This bed treated me right for one night.  

"Welcome to Atlanta where the players play," as the songs go.

Even though everything seemed ruined 12 hours earlier, Delta did a good job on getting me on a really early flight.  I'd be in LA by 9am and my plans for Thursday not totally ruined.  Just dented, a teeny tiny bit.

Flying, flying, flying.

Annd Hello, LAX.  I know this pickup curb so well.  So many fine faces have picked me up here.

And this time?  It was this fine face.

And what did we do all day Thursday?  I'm saving that for another post!  A way too big post!  But here's a clue (and by "clue" I mean "Let me tell you"):   <---that looks like an emoticon, but it's not supposed to be.  It's literally a colon after a parenthesis. 

After what we did we went to Mallory's house, but first Collin showed me the nice root structures on the block.

And we helped Farrah move her TV. (I helped by just watching and encouraging)

And third I admired the pool.

And THEN we went to Chego! with Lauren and Mallory.  Chego! is a restaurant that Collin wanted me to go to because he thought I'd like it.  (This is after the meal and I'm holding me leftovers aloft, so maybe his hunch was right but let's pretend we don't know I liked Chego! yet)

I don't know why he thought I'd like plates of radish, fennel, cucumber, garlic and cabbage kimchi.  

Ooey Gooey French Fries topped with sambal sour cream, melty cheeses, chilies and pickled garlic.  

And a rice bowl with spectacular pork belly, fried egg, pickled radhises, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija cheese and peanuts. 

Yeah, why on earth would he think I'd like that?

Then we went to a nearby ice cream place with a name like Scoopies are something and some real fun flavors.  I had a maple scoop and their famous famous Brown Brown Bread ice cream.  Mighty, mighty tasty.

We sat by a chalkboard where you can write flavor suggestions.  Since I liked Brown Brown Bread ice cream so much I suggested they make Brown Brown Brown Bread.

And THAT is what I did Wednesday and Thursday except for the big major thing we did Thursday that I'll blog about soon.

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lola said...

i loove their brown bread ice cream.