Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Most Beautiful Wedding

Last week I went to California and did all sorts of stuff, but let’s talk about the reason I decided to visit the Golden State in the first place: to go to Rebekah’s wedding.  Her wedding was at a country club in an enclosed Orange County town reached only by luxurious toll roads, with a name like “Cada di Caza” or something like that . . . I could never get it straight.  I still can’t get it straight.

I was there with Jeff.

But there were lots of people I knew there, like Mala and Nat.

Jeff and I tried to get all our goofball behavior out of our systems before the wedding started.

There goes Sarah, Rebekah’s sister.

Flower girls.

And here . . .

. . . comes . . .

. . . the . . .

. . . Bride

(thanks for the smile, Bek)

These ladies sat behind Jeff and I.  They were a lot of fun, but sure made it a challenge Jeff and I to keep our goofball behavior under control.  I mean, we were able to.  But it was a close one, I might have been close to one or two laughing fits.

Rachel Thurston photography was there in full effect.

I know it looks like I’m making skeptical face here, like I’ve never seen a wedding before and I’m not
buying it, but what I'm really doing is making my “Why don't I own any sunglasses?” face. 

Jeff handles the sun much better than I do.  But of course he does, look at those Ray Bans.

Meanwhile: A beautiful ceremony.

And there go the Andersons!

And now we start partying!  With Jane and Christian.

And Dan.

And this guy Clay that I'd never met before but everyone else knew and really liked.  Seemed pretty legitimate to me.

Little Fans, a must.

Not many dinner photos.  But let me tell you: I had the salmon, there was a picture of me in the slideshow, Kyle and Rebekah did the best first dance ever to Then He Kissed Me, and the video of Rebekah reading her diary entry from when Kyle kissed her on her 16th birthday was an absolute highlight of the night.  People of the Internet: There will be Youtubes of that first dance and the wedding slideshow, right?  Or Vimeos, perhaps? 

The cake: Look how much bigger Jeff's piece is than mine.  Well, I guess he has known Rebekah longer than I have.

During dinner sat by a mutual friend of Mr. N. Usher, 

Law school buddies,

Columbia buddies.

It was a magnificent wedding and a real fun night.  Best wishes to the bride and groom!


Mitch said...

Thank you!

Rae said...

Coto de Caza!!! You were ten minutes from my parents' house where I grew up! Wahoo!

Brigham said...

Rae, I'm going to have a whole lot of Coto de Caza questions for you. Like: How did people get there before the toll roads came to town?

Brigham said...

and Thank You, Mitch. For the Thank You.

Bek said...

hooray! i've been looking for this post! (even on my honeymoon). remind me to tell you a funny story about one of the "guests" you posted about. also, here's our first dance

also, what will it take for you to email me your top 10 photos of the night? i would really love. xoxoxoxo

finally, i'm really really happy you were there.

Cincinnatus said...

thanks, Brig. Can always count on your casual yet legit photojournalism.

Rae said...

Oh yes, the toll road makes things so much easier. Don't worry, there's still side streets that get you there. (But who'd want to take them??) There's a few entrances into Coto.

Rochelle Bochner said...

I was one of the two crazy ladies sitting behind you during the ceremony, and I will agree you were somewhat well behaved...but hysterically funny, which caused a snort or two! Nice coverage of the wedding!