Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Learning About Our Neighbors

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe longer? It can be so hard to keep track) I rode the Staten Island Ferry with a Nashvillainess named Sloan who was in town.  But something unusual happened when we got to Staten Island: Instead of catching the next ferry back to Manhattan, I decided to explore that island a little bit and learn about it.

The Manhattan Staten Island Ferry terminal is a lot easier to identify than it used to be.

Familiar voyage.

And here is a photo taken from a few hundred yards outside of my geographic comfort zone, well outside of the Staten Island Terminal.

Just about the first thing we see: This building.  Which turns out to be their Borough Hall.  

Next to it?  A netted courthouse.

In Staten Island they spell Monica funny.

This is the back of the borough hall.

Usually I agree with statues.  This time, no.

The local music scene seems lively.

Many years before I had heard that Staten Island had a lot of thrift stores.  I can now attest that there is at least one thrift store on the island.

Big issue in Staten Island child raising: Monsters.

Checked out their minor league park.

Examined their 9/11 monument.  I'll spare you the tasteless graffiti.

The question posed reverently: do these carved profiles match those SI residents lost in the disaster?

Headed back for the terminal

Ferry'd home.

Hello island that I am used to.

In conclusion: I'm glad we visited Staten Island and had a little look around.  I didn't know what I was doing or if I was looking at the right stuff, but I got a little feel for the place.  I'm going to stop worrying about them now.  Staten Island and its people seem to be doing fine.

And sorry I haven't been blogging much.  I've been flying to California and back, getting stuck in Atlanta and stuff.

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