Friday, August 31, 2012

Best Sleepwalk With Me (Particularly if You Haven't Before)

Saturday afternoon I saw Mike Birbiglia's film adaptation of his one-man show "Sleepwalk With Me."  After the show he and Ira Glass, his This American Life buddy and co-producer, did a Q&A at the theater.

Let me shoot straight: How much you like Sleepwalk With Me depends greatly on how many times you've heard the story.  Never heard it?  You'll probably love the movie (consider Roger Ebert's review, which also basically gives away the whole story).  Myself, I'd seen Birbiglia workshop the material four years ago and heard it retold several times since then.  The movie was nearly one time too many for me.  BUT it was well made for a first time film (Birbiglia was the director.  Or co-director?) and he's an extremely likeable dude that I will continue to extremely like for a long time.  During our Q&A he confirmer he's adapting his second one-man show, "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend", to film and that I'm excited about.  Because I never saw that show, and as far as I know, I've never heard the story. And I like Mike Birbiglia stories.

In short, if you've never heard Mike Birbiglia's sleepwalking story, go see this movie.  If you have, stream this movie when it comes to Netflix.  Or see it to be supportive.  Your call.

Bonus Picture:

As I stand in line, Birbiglia looks at his own movie poster.  Because he's a normal person!  And it's exciting to have a movie poster.  (Or I don't know, maybe he's a demanding auteur already and was checking it for errors)

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Alisha said...

Ok! I'll checkout the movie. Thanks for the tip.