Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sudden Trip to Amsterdam, pt. 8: Several Days Later, Another Day Off

My last Amsterdam post took place on a Sunday.  Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked like crazy and we finished up the project and pretty much got Thursday and Friday off to do whatever we wanted.  I guess what I wanted to do was to walk around because that's what I did.

Hey, it's that bicycle again!  Maybe it's a famous Amsterdam landmark?

Again I'll say, one of my favorite things about Amsterdam was seeing all the Dutch words.

What I learned from the Coffeeshops: Apparently not only is marijuana legal there but rampant copyright infringement as well (more of this later).

Sooo, like I said before, it was so stinking cold in Amsterdam that all the canals froze.  People were skating around and playing on them like crazy.

I could only observe so much before I had to participate.  While my brain told me I was safe, my guts did not like being down there on the ice.  The animal inside of me was very doubtful of its safety.

They say under the bridges is the most dangerous because the ice is thinner.  Looks like it.

That there is solid ice but try telling your guts that.

Ok.  Enough of that.  Back up to the street.

Okay, I've got way too many pictures from this day.  I'm splitting it into two posts!

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sarah said...

Your ice pictures are awesome.