Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sudden Trip to Amsterdam, pt. 8, pt. 2: Several Days Later, Another Day Off

Continuing my tale from several Thursdays ago . . . after walking on the ice I continued along the water to a particular destination . . .

I like how the guy that shows you how to use the cross walk button looks like he's never seen a cross walk button before because that's what you'd have to be to need to be told about a cross walk button.

My particular destination: the Shipmuseum.  To learn about the Dutch and their special relationship with the water.

Of everywhere I went on the trip this place was definitely the most Dutch.

Look at how they get things into the basement from outside.  A moat elevator!

It had a very nice courtyard.  Covered, like the British Museum.

First stop: model ships, ship ornamentation, globes and navigation instruments.

Then on to paintings of boats

And then over to the special exhibit about whales

School reports on whales from the forties or fifties

Then outside to investigate the ship replica.

Ceilings inside: Very low.  Hobbitown low.

And back inside to learn about Amsterdam Harbor.

They had this simulator ride where you simulate being cargo arriving at Amsterdam harbor, being unloaded, and transported to a supermarket.  Quite possibly the most, uh, "unique" simulator ride I have ever been on.

An exhibit where you use this computer table to design your own exhibit.

This is the exhibit I made.  It is about planes, birds, old paintings, and my name.

And finally, an exhibit about Holland's naval battles.

Post museum, I'm out on the streets again.

I see this real life giant windmill off in the distance so I walk way out of my way to see it up close.

I also walk way out of my way to get a look at this Bob Ross graffiti.

Heyyy, remember this view?

And after this post I only have one, maayyybe two left.  Can you believe it?

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