Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Friendly Cutthroat Competition

Last night there was a Stake Spelling Bee.  Emily and I were sort of in charge of it?  The competition was fierce but the competitors were sportsmanly.  I like to think that a good time was had by all and that we all learned some new words and, even better, some new spellings.

Here's me, making a rare appearance on my own blog.  As I was reading words and ringing the bell all night, I handed my camera over to Marcus for the photographing.  He took every picture you see in this post today.

Tom started us off with the Pledge of Allegiance.

And then spelled the first word of the night, "khaki."

And away we went with the competition!

The second round was like a bloody massacre and soon we were down to our top three of the evening, including Chateau, our top ranking ESL speller of the night.

And then there were two, Eric and Lisa, battling it out in a nail-biting battle of brilliant spells and near-misses.

Until, finally, a winner stood triumphant.

No hard feelings, though.

To the victor his spoils.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


Robert said...

I had a pretty hard word. Oh, well.

Brigham said...

Robert! Stop haranguing me about your word!

(smiley face.)