Monday, February 06, 2012

The Sudden Trip to Amsterdam, pt. 3: And on Friday it Snowed

Friday morning I noticed it had begun to snow.  First there were big flakes like torn bread outside the window, then it started to really come down.

No big deal, I just kept working and then tucked into my lunch.  I can still taste that wonderful waffle!  (or maybe I just taste my nightly Hotel chocolate that I just ate?)

But during lunch the snow gathered more attention around the office.

Oh.  It was getting serious out there.

Later in the afternoon, when the snow had stopped, a few of us took a stretch-our-legs walk.  See that?  It is not a frozen bush.  It is a fountain.  In the middle of a pool.  Be careful.

I met everyone at the clearly-designated meet up point.

I really wanted to walk through these, uh, things.

Rest of the group wasn't so interested.

I still did it.

This was supposed to be a picture of a local pulling her groceries in a sled, instead it wound up a portrait of one of my bosses.

We decided the Ajax Arena would be our goal.

Co-workers Josh and Francisco.

On the left, movie theater.  On the right, our train station.

Cold duck, frozen pond.  This pond.  How things change in two days!

On the left, that theater again.  On the right, restaurant or something.  Up ahead, the stadium.

Again, the stadium.

Businesses.  None of yours.

I have a favorite Dutch word.  It is "Nooduitgang."  It means "Emergency Exit" but when I read it I think "Don't Do It, Gang."

Heading back to the office.

All over the place over here there's these signs telling me to adopt a pup.

Goodbye, Amsterdam Arena.  I'll just go back to looking at you through the window at work.

Snow comet.

Look at that icon for park.  It's so chill.

This is how you keep people out of your spot.

I assume "GEB" is the Dutch abbreviation for "Taking Care of Business."

Again, my favorite word.

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