Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Sudden Trip to Amsterdam, pt. 1: Departure and Arrival and Here We Are

So, Tuesday night I had this salad

While waiting for flight 644


There's my plane.

My line.

My seat.  Very shallow.

My journey.

My joy in listening.

My snack.

My airplane dinner.  I got those potatoes on my shirt and pants.  The roll was good.

I liked my fork and knife and spoon.  Maybe I kept them?

My placemat.

Did I sleep on the flight?  Honestly, no idea.  But it went by quick.

Arrived.  Goodbye, 747.

So this is Amsterdam.

And here's the first thing that caught my interest in this new land.

Ehh, didn't seem so Biggest to me.  I think they counted the whole food court when calculating the size.

Van taxis!

Rolling into town.

I should have taken a picture of the hotel when I rolled up.  But here's my room.  My bed has SEVEN PILLOWS.

Walking to the train for the first time.

In the station for the first time.

Arriving at my work-station for the first time.

And walking to work.  There is a stadium.

Someone could just fall into that water!

Work bathroom.  This is how they live in Amsterdam.

Lobby furniture.

Back in my neighborhood at night time.

One thing lead to another and a group of us ate here:

Wrecked a plate or two of nachos.

Then waited an hour for this burrito while watching everyone that came in after us get their food.

Who would have guessed that the Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam would turn out to be a bad idea?  That's what I like to do when I travel: Learn.

Came home to a welcome bottle of wine.  If you want it, come and get it.  It's a Baron Louis 2010.

Not much later I fell asleep.  Woke up at 6:30, started Day 2 by posting this post.


Paul said...

If you decide to travel a little further north, say, to Scandinavia, let me know. I'll hook you up.

MJP said...

I spent a couple of days in Amsterdam for the first time this fall. Your photos do capture the new arrival sense I got of it: 1/3 Disneyland Dutch Village, 1/3 Bauhaus design lab and 1/3 NYC. Can't wait to see what else you learn about, in addition to Dutch burritos.

Collin Mapp said...

The plane looked so sad to see you go.

Imogen Cooper said...

Love the photos. They have got me even more excited for my trip in a few weeks, am slightly ashamed to say that I now want to visit the worlds biggest Burger King when i get there! I am staying in a serviced apartment in Amsterdam which means I have a kitchen to cook in however, after seeing this picture of the dutch burritos I have a feeling I won't be eating in much!