Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Sudden Trip to Amsterdam, pt. 4: Essential Research

In the name of food science, and hunger, I had Dutch McDonalds for dinner one of my first nights here.

First things first, everything you've been told is a lie: They do have Quarter Pounders in Holland.  No sign of a Royale with Cheese anywhere.

My dinner.  I mean, my experiment:

First of all, look at these sauces.  Chili Dip and FrySauce.

NOT the FrySauce you were expecting, is it, Utah?

Chilidip was for my shrimps.  Yes, McFriedShrimps, four for 2 Euro!  And they're actual shrimp, too.  Not a shrimp past shaped like shrimp.

Next, the McKroket.  This is an example of McDonalds being a good guest and interpreting a national dish in their own manner.

What a happy looking little puck of food.

And nice, grainy looking mustard.

And on the inside: Mashed potatoes and pieces of meat, or something like that.

And finally, the main course, a taste of the good ol' USA, the 1955 Burger.  Yes, I know, the 1955 burger!  The American class you know and love.

What is it?  A not terribly good giant burger with grilled onion and bacon but no cheese.  It needed cheese so bad.

Additional things of note: Dutch McDonalds has bendy straws.  And the cashiers are super nice and super happy Africans.  I recommend going just for the cashiers.

And the shrimp.


MJP said...

Makes me happy to be an American (probably, an American Classic-1956). Really.

Cher said...

I guess you were too full to try the speculoos shake. . .