Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Various Nights, Various Friends

Last Wednesday night Chaunte came over.  Why did Chaunte come over?

Because we were having her a birthday paaartay!

Lots of luminaries came to celebrate, luminaries like Alpha.

And Broek.

And you know, lots of others.  Listen, I was partyin'.  Not photographin'.

Friday night Rachel came over.  Why did Rachel come over?  Cuz she was in town, and to school me at Rummikub.

And then Saturday night Jeff was in town.  Why was Jeff in town?  For workin'.  And partyin'.  We tried to party by eating at Roberta's.  But there was a two and a half hour wait.  At six thirty.  So we headed for other parts of Brooklyn.

Parts with BYOB night painting classes.

To eat at good ol Dumont.



And to play a few games at the good ol' Barcade.

The loneliness of the Lone Jouster.

And then Sunday night Jared was in town.  Why was Jared in town?  What?  You're going to tell this guy what he can or can't do?


Grace said...

Rachel is my favorite! I was so happy to hear that you two are friends.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Epic meal, epic night.

Chaunté Vaughn said...

it was a REAL surprise party. I had no idea. Thanks Briggie:) And Yes, Dumont is a great place to eat.

Collin Mapp said...

I wish I was there to make people wonder why I was there.

Ashley said...

hmmmmmmmm i'm kind of disapointed that candy bingo night wasn't included on your blog ;)