Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best SEE! It Only Took Two Posts

And now, the thrilling conclusion of my Martin Luther King Day Weekend in DC.

Sunday morning, Jeff cooked us sauteed spinach and poached eggs.  Just add his name to the list of people who make me feel inferior about my egg poaching skills.

We spent a bit of the morning at the Hirshhorn admiring the arrangement of their Andy Warhol Shadows exhibit.

And ran into the Air and Space Museum "just for a minute" to see the model of the Enterprise used in the making of the original Star Trek show.

And, you know, a few other things.

Of all the people to have ever killed Brits and Americans, I think the Red Baron will always be our favorite.  We just love how he got us so bad!

I didn't know the Germans used dazzle camouflage on their planes.  Looks fabulous!

Who doesn't love a great war mural?

Or space mural?  Who doesn't love a mural, really.  That's what I should have said.

Remember these?  Those outdoor exercise stations?  So P90X!

And then we attended worship services just over the border in Maryland, my home.

And then we had lunch at this place called, uhhh, Gary's Update* or something?  Where the menu was a newspaper?  We went there because Jeff and I both felt like mashed potatoes.  I had meatloaf, he had chicken fried steak, the steak won.

*Ted's Bulletin, that's the name of it.  Had to do internet research.

Ted's seems to be well-known for its house made Pop Tarts.  Didn't try one, but those ones in the front there are topped with bacon.

That night I hung out with the Notorious F.I.E.T. in the mysterious land called Arlington,

We made what I like to believe was the world's first ever Grilled Corn Cookie Mozzarella Swiss sandwich.  If you know for a fact that someone else used Momofuku Corn Cookies to make a mozarella and Swiss cheese sandwich please let me know.

The Verdict: Better with Cheddar.

The next morning?  Monuments!!

This is the guy that said he had not yet begun to fight.  TR was a fan.

Right place, right time.

As you can see, the crowd loved this Park Ranger.  And let's hear it for Park Rangers in general.  They know their stuff and they know their stories.

Unfortunately we missed our chance to hear one of history's most famous speeches recited through darling little lisps.

DC what happened to your lawn?  And pool?

After Abe, I visited my old friend Button.

Then it was over to the Arlington National Cemetery.  Had never been before, if you can believe it.

President Taft.  TR rescinded his fanship.

Help me out: Is that burning an eternal flame?

"Bivouac of the Dead"

Childhood photos of deceased soldiers from every state of the Union.

Then after that I paid a little visit to the Newseum.  If you want to visit a museum that will somber you up, may I recommend the one-two-three punch of the Newseum's East Berlin/Pullitzer Prize Photos (9 out of 10 of those photos being of people dying/about to die/having just died)/and September 11th exhibits.

This is the Leica (and 35mm Summicron) used to take the famous photo of the girl in Vietnam running down the street naked after the Napalm attack.

But, on the lighter side, they had a fun exhibit on Sports Photography.

And it's just cool looking in there in general.

Before we knew it it was time to catch our Megabus home.  Courtney saw us off like we were dignitaries or something.

Imagine my delighted surprise to discover our Megabus had a see-through window.  Too bad I didn't have much to see-through at on the ride home.  And was Dave on our bus home with us too?  Maybe.

Okay, okay.  Dave was.  He totally was.

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