Monday, January 09, 2012

Best I Had an Afternoon Off and then We Had Chinese Food

So, last Friday my family went to the Huntington Library.  I'd just been there a few months before, so I was granted leave and spent a minute in Silverlake and Hollywood.

Records were purchased.

Home in time to meet up with the family before heading to Yang Chow for Chinese.  (food)

Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise met us there.

You are never too young for Dad to teach you how to use chopsticks.

When I was young, given the choice between "Chinese" or "Mexican" I would choose "Chinese" because I liked the spoons.

Sure, the four year old has an iPhone and I don't.

After dinner, caught the sisters joking while the Dr. checked on the Nutritionist's foot.

While everyone distracted his sisters, Owen and I took Blake to see Tintin (not Chipwrecked.)  Most unexpectedly satisfying movie of the year: Tintin.  Let me get back to you about Chipwrecked.


LaurenHoya said...

Slippery shrimp?

Brigham said...


Side of Jeffrey said...

Maybe your dad can teach Max how to use chopsticks. He's so not good at it.