Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best First Day of the Year

Sunday, January 1st 2012 we took a family walk through San Marino to Cal Tech, just a few blocks down into Pasadena from Grandma's house.

Afternoon oranges.

Evidence of the windstorm from a few weeks back still to be found.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith's house all ready for Christmas.

Don't you know that's how roofs catch on fire?

Jabba's palace?

In all my days I'd never been on Cal Tech campus before.  I know.  I couldn't believe it myself.  I thought it was like Hogwarts for nerds.  Not that Hogwarts isn't full of nerds itself.

We were lead to Cal Tech by reports of an abundance of turtles.  It was true.

They abounded.

Chief turtle hunter.

Family poses.

Other family poses.

Is this too public a forum to say that Mom looked great?

Evening oranges.

That must be Charles Lindbergh on the left.  He has some sort of Pasadena connection, I forget what it is.  Or wait!  Maybe it's a totally different aviator that has a Pasadena connection?  Oh I probably just totally embarrassed myself by saying that was Lindbergh.

Night falls and we admire still-Christmas lit homes.

Everyone in the family knows that this is cousin Katharine's favorite house in the neighborhood.

Me, I'm partial to the Spanish-style ones.

Mainstreet Electrical Parade of Homes.

Tune in tomorrow for the appearance of a certain well-loved rogue . . .


Side of Jeffrey said...

Is this too awkward of a forum to say Claire always looks great?

sarah said...

I think it is never too public to say your mom looks great.