Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Movies, So Far (a very short list)

I have not been very aggressive in my summer movie watching.  I guess I'm saving a few (X-Men, for example) for rainy days.

Regarding those I have seen, briefly:

THOR—By no means a great movie, but good entertainment.  I put it in my "like" list.
KUNG-FU PANDA 2—It was good but left me nowhere near as charmed as the first one.
SUPER 8—Liked it for a while, then it got frustrating.  Really all over the place.  Too in love with itself.
MEGAMIND—I guess this came out last fall?  Watched it over the weekend, really surprised by how much I liked it.  So much better than Despicable Me; I thought it had exciting action and I liked the Brainbots.

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Dad said...

I bet you can guess what I'm going to say: Don't miss Midnight in Paris.