Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Misc Photo Update

It's like I always say, "If you don't have anything to say, post some pictures you haven't posted before."

A beautiful downtown rainbow!

New WTC is growing like a weed.  A good weed!

If you look really close you'll see that it looks like this train is telling me hello.  Look really close!  (At the electronic letters in the window)

Got this at Checkers.  I really liked it.

Outtakes from Jeff's birthday.  Don't think I posted these yet.  Forgive me if I have.

Lars' handiwork.

And Leif's.

UWS stroll one Saturday weeks ago.

Different strolls now.  Street-art oriented.

Look at this great cat!

Ate these snap peas at the Noodle Bar a few weeks ago.

And this smoked brisket somen.

Time to go to Mexico and get a haircut, Spence.

Uncommonly good ID photo.  If you ask me.

Among these canyons I work.

1 am West Village party for European graduates of Columbia Business School.  Because where else would I be on the first night of Memorial Day weekend?  So many unbuttoned monogrammed dress shirts, so many colorful pairs of pants.

Invented this.  Frozen broccoli, rice cakes, scallions, soy sauce and oyster sauce pork.

Day clubbin' one Wednesday, after some tacos I do my old West Village/Soho/Union Square loop.


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