Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Best Rooftop Birthday and Street-level Exploring

Sunday there was a gathering on Laura and Ines' roof in the East Village to celebrate our dear Broek's birthday.

Not such a bad view, right?

A birthday cake, but not just any birthday cake . . .

This is the famous Dwight's Birthday Cake from Dwight's childhood . . . it involves a criminal amount of white chocolate and white chocolate chips.  I'm still dealing with the sugaring it put me through.

Prior to our time on the roof we were walking down 7th street when this gentleman took an interest in the birthday girl and all the other girls in their party hats.  To honor Broek on her day, he invited us into his "establishment."

And judging from the front window you'd think this was some sort of antique or vintage store, right?

Which is what we thought we were walking through as we followed his instructions to go "all the way to the back."

Turns out it's not a store, it's the man's house!

In the front he has set out these two articles . . .

About how this is not a store, it's his home.  And if he likes the looks of you, he'll invite you to poke your head in.

It was really a lot to take in.  Obviously.

May I please end by wishing Broek a Happy Birthday once more?  Thank you.


Broek said...

Thanks Brigham!

Erin said...

Hi Broek and Claire! Come visit SLC sometime! Thanks for great pics Brigham.

Kermit Lukacs said...

I'm craving for white chocolate now! LOL. Laura and Ines' roof has a fantastic view of East Village in the picture. It would have been much better if everyone wore a party hat.