Monday, June 06, 2011

Best Eleven Hours in Boston

Do you know what building this is?  Me neither, because it's not a building in New York.  It's a building in Boston.  And why do I have a building in Boston on my blog today?  Because I was in Boston on Saturday.

And why was I in Boston on Saturday?  Because my parents were in Boston for the weekend (and they're still there . . . don't even try to rob our house, Emily's there) so I took the Peter Pan bus up Saturday morning for a day of history and family.  I met up with Mom 1/3 of the way along the Freedom Trail and we got to work!

We walked by historic things and Mom read from the AAA guide what they were.

See?  Consulting the guide.

There was dancing, too.

I had a lobster roll for lunch.

Bought it in a very busy food hall.

All these things, everything I photograph, it's historic or something.

Green Dragon.  Good sport.

This lawn is named after an old lady.  A Kennedy?  Probably.

Paul Revere's house.

Everyone was real excited about hockey.

Narrow house.

The three great annoyances: Woolves, Rattle-snakes, and Musketos.

You know I'm partial towards graveyards.

On and on it went.

And if we weren't following the Freedom Trail, we were following signs to the Freedom Trail.

On to Old Iron Sides.

I mean, on to the gift shop and then Old Iron Sides.

Look!  There's me.

Now there's an adventure worth taking!

I thought the USS Constitution was the end of the Freedom Trail.  Nope.  You still have to go to Beacon Hill.

This Park Ranger did the best storytelling.

And here I finish the Freedom Trail.

Then we went to my parents' hotel, I fell asleep, woke up, and we walked to dinner with Dad.

Dinner was at . . . uhhh . . . I can't remember the name.  But it was kind of fancier and trendier than we expected.  When we left there was a Maseratri and a Ferrari parked in front.  It was that kind of place, a place for you to drive your Ferrari to for dinner.

Dad had the foie gras appetizer.

Mom had the beef medallion.

Both Dad and I had the halibut.  I just looked up the name of the restaurant, it's Mistral.

Rhubarb strawberry dessert thing.

After dinner we walked around a bunch in the neighborhood where I stayed last year on my first Boston trip.

More hockey fans.

How are you going to tell me this isn't Joseph Smith?

And here's the beginning of the Freedom Trail.

Then my folks dropped me off at the bus terminal.

After taking these pictures with Mom and Dad and a few miserable delays I was on my way back to New York and in bed by 3am!  What a fine Saturday.


Anonymous said...

where was your powdered wig and makeup?

Katharine said...

It's funny- even though Mom and Aunt Claire live thousands of miles apart and aren't around each other- they both sport the same sunglass on hair/reader glasses on face look. :-)

Rae said...

Ha! That is so Joseph Smith.