Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Here Are Some Record Reviews

Every many months I think to write a little about things I've listened to.  This is one of those times.  Almost all of these are followups to big records from a few years back.  That's just a coincidence.  It's a big summer for sequels!

The Antlers—Burst Apart

I really thought Hospice (the Antlers' 2009 album) was beautiful until I listened to the lyrics, then I listened to the lyrics and never listened to Hospice again.  At first I thought Burst Apart seemed nearly as beautiful as Hospice but not as depressing until I noticed the last song was called "Putting the Dog to Sleep."

Cut Copy—Zonoscope

Listen to this record again.  It's much better than you(I) thought it was when you(I) listened to it in February.  And that song stuck in your(my) head that you(I) can't recognize?  It's Track 3, "Where I'm Going" and it's been growing in your(my) brain like a virus since it took root on that first listen months ago.

Fleet Foxes—Helplessness Blues

Oh, will their ever be a record like that first Fleet Foxes record again, which arrived so perfectly timed in 2008 and left a mighty song in each of our hearts?  That made us imagine flannels, grow beards, and think of woods?  That inspired some of us to even camp?  Well, if their will be it's not Helplessness Blues, but this record is good listening, nonetheless.  But choosing between listening to Fleet Foxes again versus listening to Helplessness Blues is, for me, like choosing between a very good hamburger and a great cheeseburger.  Think I'm being tough?  Listen to "Ragged Wood" again.

Bon Iver—Bon Iver

This, however, certainly seems to be woodsy lightning striking twice.  Or thrice.  Four times?  You tell me, expert.


This is a record for your cool big sister, and I'm not anyone's cool big sister.
It's a different kind of cheerleading, but it's Sleigh Bells 2011.  I can appreciate a few of the songs, but I'm not your cool big sister.  However, if you are a cool big sister or anything like a cool big sister, you should probably definitely be playing this when you have to pick anyone up from school.

Panda Bear—Tomboy

I've told you before I was late to the Animal Collective party, but Person Pitch was always easy for me to love.  Once I clued in that Tomboy didn't have 12+ minute Bros-style jams I thought I could just chill and enjoy it for it was, but eventually all the echoey sounds wore me out.  Tomboy, your shorter songs wore me out!


Name here. said...

i've never heard of any of these bands.

English said...

Cut Copy—Zonoscope
Listen to this record again. It's much better than you(I) thought it was when you(I) listened to it in February.

This is the second such admonition I've received this week.

I was at a wedding this weekend and they played a song from this album, and I said "this is pretty good, what is it?" and they said this is that new Cut Copy." and I said "I wasn't that into it when I heard it" and they said "It's pretty good. It sounds like a Men @ Work album." And I replied "I definitely need to listen to that again."