Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best I Nearly Forgot

It wasn't until the middle of the afternoon that I looked at the date and realized: It's Bloomsday!

Well, Happy Bloomsday, everyone.

Has your mom ever given you a t-shirt inspired by one of your favorite books?

I haven't read Ulysses since 2009, but this year I did listen to an awful good series of lectures on the book my dad gave me for Christmas.  It really helped me understand the book better as a whole as well as understand the Ulysses/Odyssey parallels better and reconcile some of the biggest differences between the two.  Next time I read it I think I'll like it better than the second time and at least as much as the first time.

And now, to bed . . .

He rests.  He has travelled.


Sinbad the Sailor and Tinbad the Tailor and Jinbad the Jailer and Whinbad the Whaler and Ninbad the Nailer and Finbad the Failer and Binbad the Bailer and Pinbad the Pailer and Minbad the Mailer and Hinbad the Hailer and Rinbad the Railer and Dinbad the Kailer and Vinbad the Quailer and Linbad the Yailer and Xinbad the Phthailer.


Going to dark bed there was a square round Sinbad the Sailor roc's auk's egg in the night of the bed of all the auks of the rocs of Darkinbad the Brightdayler.


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