Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Profile (I Presume)

Don't you wish you could have written that note?

Esquire has a nice, long article about my boy Roger Ebert up on their website (and presumably in their latest issue?). I've really fallen in love with his reviews over the past year (remember when he let He's Just Not That Into You? have it?) and was excited to get into this article, explore this profile of Ebert and the last four years of his life (four years ago, that's when he lost his jaw) but the confident photo of him on the first page broke my heart a bit and I'm not ready to read the article yet.

If you're curious, brace yourself and enter.

What happened to my friend? I saw him at he opera a few times in Chicago, he always went the same night as my folks. I stood by him in the bathroom.


Side of Jeffrey said...

You pee'd by Ebert? Wow.

Bek said...

we're all gonna die. i just don't wanna go that way.