Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Supposedly Fun Thing That I Did Do Again

I was in Nashville over the weekend. I went back to Prince's Hot Chicken. If you've been around for a bit, you might remember my first trip to this amazing place and had their Extra Hot chicken and nearly died, taking most of my friends with me.

This time I resolved to try the Medium, which was supposed to still be plenty hot, because I wanted to find out what this chicken tasted like.

Let's tell the tale.

I went with Jeff and Gabe. It was a lunch for men!

The Medium with a side of potato salad. Medium is red while extra hot is deathly black.

Still, I approached cautiously with delicate fingers.

On the whole, I found the Medium to be a little mild for my tastes, but this picture suggests that it wasn't entirely without its spicy bites.

Observe: Video of me approaching my chicken delicately. Listen to it crunch! As this was my second time eating Prince's chicken but first time tasting it, I found it to be very delicious. Perhaps the best fried chicken I've ever had? Possibly. (There's always Momofuku to contend with)

While Jeff, who was horribly scarred by his bite of Extra Hot Chicken back in May, had been swearing up and down (not cussing) that he was going to get the Mild this time he ordered Medium.

Things started out well enough for him:

But then took a turn for the worse:

Gabe, on the other hand, cruised right through his Medium. It hit the spot for him. I guess this means that Jeff is a Mild, Gabe is a Medium, and I'm a Hot...but I'll have to test that theory the next time I'm in Nashville. I think there's a pretty big step up from Medium to Hot.

Goodbye, Prince's. I love you.

Some have said that my first trip to Prince's was one of my best posts ever, so if you haven't read it before, please check it out. And if you have read it, maybe it's time to dip back?

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