Friday, February 05, 2010

Best This is Where Pork Buns Come From

Last year I lived in Chinatown (or right by it) for three magnificent months. I tried to conquer its restaurants, but that's a serious challenge. Pete advised me to try out Oriental Garden on Elizabeth. This place's Peking Duck inspired the famous pork belly buns at Momofuku. A mere 9 months after Pete told me to check it out I finally made it over with an army of the willing...but perhaps slightly weirded out.

There's Casey.

The duck is served! (no head, unfortunately)

The server begins crafting our buns. (too bad he had to compete for attention with a very interesting iPhone)

Coated with hoisin and filled with pickled cucumbers, sound familiar?

Oh, Grace's wariness gives way to excitement! But what does the final product look like? (is it time for me to get a wider lens? probably.)

It looks like this: see the glistening of the duck? This was a proper and delicious meal, and don't get me started on the duck skin! (We also had a slew of other dishes, it serious Chinese feast)

Here's Chateau. We've eaten mighty meals together in two continents now.

Don't get cocky, crab. I'll get you next time!

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Broadobalds said...

Ah Brigs, I still miss your face like it was yesterday and not 4 years ago that we watched the Puppy Bowl.