Monday, February 08, 2010

Best Utah Vacation Summary Links Experiment

There's a lot of links in this post. But they all go to the same place. I'm just trying hard to make you go somewhere.

I've posted the rest of my Salt Lake Trip pictures on a NEW BLOG over here.

This NEW BLOG is an experiment, an experiment in larger pictures.

Please go have a look.

Now a Question:

Do you think I should link to the occasional bigger picture supplement from here or change the layout on Steady Mobbin' so that larger pictures will fit? Please, share your thoughts.

Once again: Check Out My EXPERIMENTAL NEW BLOG.


Dad said...

I like the big picture layout. I think you should provide a link and leave Steady Mobbin' like it is.

English said...

Yes to large photos. Please. Keep 'em coming.

Casey said...

Is there a happy medium? The bigger pictures are nice, but they take a while to load and do that annoying thing where the scroll bar keeps moving as more load. (Maybe I just need faster internet.) Personally, I like knowing that if I want to see more details, I can click the picture and it will get bigger.

Brigham said...

Yes, what bugs me is Imageshack will post bigger on a page but doesn't get giant when you click on it while blogger makes little, bad looking pictures for your page but they get big and nice if you click them.

What I really want to know: Are you cool with going to another blog for picture posts or should I think about putting them here? (that's the question Dad answered)

Betsy said...

The only thing I have to say is the pic of you staring at that dog is maybe my favorite picture of you I've ever seen ever. Maybe just keep posting that over and over again. Dedicate a blog to it maybe.

Rita said...

I haven't visited in far too long! Glad I checked-in! Love the new experiment in the large photos!

And apparently today I love exclamation marks too...

Hope you are great. Miss ya.