Thursday, February 04, 2010

Best I'm Changing My Stripes

Here's the sad truth. When I go home to Chicago my family always wants to play games and I never want to play games. Card games, board games, word games...I resist.

But Jeff has this game, Rummikub? I love Rummikub! I'd play it in Chicago if we had it in Chicago! And I don't think I love Rummikub just because I won 2 out of 3 games Monday night. I even loved it when I couldn't put any tiles down at all on the third game.

Here are three pictures from the evening's gaming:

Audrey anticipates her first move.

Jeff wisely explains the rules. Again. It's not a complicated game, but I needed reminders pretty often. You could say I was reminded all the way to victory.

Ben, the important thing is that you did your best!

And here's something I've learned: Did you know there's a website where people post their own webcam game reviews? Here's a good one. This lady loves Rummikub and she loves cats. Collin, come to town and we'll have her join us for a game. (also: can you see this video? I've been having some problems with embedding.)

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Wait, you didn't play rummikub your entire life like the rest of us? Seriously...since I was able to hold a tile I've been playing that game.

Mitch said...

I love that lady's review! I also used to like Rummikub until my family started playing progressive Rummy with cards. Now I'm back in the camp of no games, in case you're ever in the mood to not play.

kelsey said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVER rummikub, i grew up playing it with my grandparents... my mom always tries to get me to play it and i refuse because my parents take HOURS just to make a move and it fills me with ohh i don't know a seriously unhealthy murderous feeling. moral of story: play faster