Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Incredible Discovery

This is just a picture from March of 2009, that's all.

I was having this conversation with a co-worker last week (as I worked last week, so I had co-workers) about the swine flu. It was the first time that anyone ever told me the symptoms of the swine flu (that you're so sick with your flu that you can't get out of bed or lift your arms) and I was like "WAIT! That happened to me!" Because last March I got a cold/flu thing so bad that I barely left my bed for a week straight. I had just moved into Adam and Jordan and Kent's apartment and no one saw me for the first 7 days because I was in my room the whole time, feeling miserable. Ali used to yell at me for not seeing a doctor, I just thought it was a cold. But it was something else, I felt so miserable that I didn't even want to watch TV or play video was all too loud and bright.

Therefore, I conclude that I had swine flu and will from this point tell everyone that I had the swine flu and didn't even know it for a whole year.

Right now I think I have a goose cold, by the way.

And before you say it yourself, let me say: My, what a strange collection of illnesses I've had!

And, yes, certain other grave afflictions that would have made for interesting blogging had such a thing existed back then.

Oh, and right now, for 2010, I think my illness is: Stomach ulcers? Because I've got a stomach pain that matches the ulcer description on the internet.


Mom said...

1985: Chickenpox

savoury toothed tiger said...

just a photo that's all?! that was your amazing visit to my studio that changed your life!