Friday, December 11, 2009

Really? or Best, Well Almost No Content

from a review linked to on the Drudge Report:

Just left the 'World Premiere' of "Avatar," and while the standing ovation the film received at its conclusion is probably just the requisite politeness; I can report that this is another rare example where the quality of the movie does indeed exceed the hype and "Avatar" will most certainly be among the 10 'Best Picture' nominees for the Oscars; and James Cameron will also be a Best Director nominee. I think it is also possible that actress Zoe Saldana, who has the most challenging of roles in the film, may rack up an additional acting nomination as well.
The movie may owe more than a few plot points to the story of Pocahontas, and there may be some grousing at a fairly heavy-handed treatment of corporate greed and our lack of American energy independence; but the key question, is Cameron able to deliver a movie that packs the entertainment value and emotional punch of 'Titanic.' The clear answer is 'Yes.' The Oscars will not ignore this film.

I thought the "hype" behind this movie was an overwhelming expectation of intense weirdness and failure? Should I be getting a ticket for Friday?

The problem here, really, is this 10 Best Picture Nominee nonsense. Way to cheapen the brand.

But hey, for a real fun time, read the comments posted on the review. Great stuff.

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