Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best Fifth Day in Rio: Thanks.

Thursday. Thanksgiving. It was a Thanksgiving to be thankful for. We signed on with a speedboat and spent the day snorkeling various coves, beaches, and middle-of-the water sites. It was all so magnificent and nearly unphotographable. We went to the Blue Lagoon, then a place where a sunken helicopter was--I swam down so deep to touch it, and then so deep to retrieve a giant star fish from one of its skids, and then so much deeper when I dropped the star fish by accident, but then I finally dropped it for good on purpose and it landed on its back. From above we watched transfixed as it slowly flipped itself over. A star fish has one job in life, and that's to flip himself over if he ever needs to. Then we went to a kelp farm full of sea turtles, how wonderful to spend Thanksgiving snorkeling with the sea turtles...and also, in the murky distance, I discerned a great and speckled ray. We went to what I think was the green lagoon and sat between shallow opposing tides, pulling us out to sea in one direction and then out to to sea in the other while a nearby party boat blasted 90's dance hit after 90's dance hit. We lunched on great platters of chicken, rice, fries and beans at a beachside eatery and visited even more beaches and played games of underwater handstand, underwater handwalking, and underwater teaparty. What a day! Perhaps the best was just being in the speedboat, applying innumerable coats of suntan lotion and bounding over waves between beaches, shooting through the air and then bottoming out with mighty thuds between waves. What a day!

Where we signed up for our boat and rented our flippers

To the ocean! To the waves!

Blue lagoon.

This is where the sunken helicopter was.

That's a kelp farm or an algae farm, here I met sea turtles.

The green lagoon, the water breathed through that passageway.

Thanksgiving feast one:

The proper way to enjoy a guarana is with a slice of oranged pinned beneath ice cubes.

Shining with the sheen of so much suntanlotioning.

I used my whole bottle that day. It featured 50 frames per second protection and provided 95% of my daily grape requirements.

Day has ended.

Thanksgiving feast two:

A very funky shrimp and cream cheese crepe.


You and me both, pal. What a day.

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